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Tear-Off Pages

Tear-off pages are one of the most useful features of Pads X. Similar to the notes you can make in Stickies, you can create and destroy tear-off pages without affecting the underlying note.

A tear-off page may be formed from any existing Pads X page via a menu command or by clicking on the Make Tear-off button in the toolbar. The tear-off page is a mirror of the text in the original page — any further editing of the original page will be reflected in the tear-off page.

The default color may be chosen in the Preferences dialog, but at any rate you can change the background color of any tear-off page via a menu command or a contextual menu.

Some color presets are provided for the tear-off background, and you can create your own presets for your favorite colors. These presets are accessed from the standard OS X color picker.

The tear-off pages can be temporarily hidden via a menu command, so that the Pad document may be accessed without having the tear-off pages in the way. You may also hide the Pads X document while leaving the tear-off pages visible if you wish.

All tear-off pages are remembered when the Pads X document is closed. When the document is opened again, all tear-off pages will appear in the location they were left at.

Tear-off pages are very useful for simultaneously viewing disparate pieces of information in your notes collection. If you need to consult more than one note you can click the tear-off bar for each one and view them all at once without flipping back and forth between notes.

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