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Marking Pages

Pages can be "marked" so that operations may be performed on a group of pages. For instance, once a group of pages has been selected by marking, you may:

  • Delete marked pages
  • View marked pages
  • Print marked pages
  • Add marked pages to a category
  • Move marked pages to a category
  • Create a new Pads X file containing marked pages

Marking can be done by several methods:

  • Pages can be marked or unmarked manually
  • Entire categories can be marked or unmarked
  • Pages can be marked by content: all pages containing a given string in the title and/or body can be marked or unmarked

Marking is cumulative: each mark/unmark operation adds or subtracts from the existing set of marked pages. In this way, a selection of pages can be built up according to a set of complex criteria.

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