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Pads X

The Best Way To Keep Notes On Your Macintosh

Categories in Pads X

All notes in Pads X belong to at least one category. Categories exist so that you don't have to keep your notes in one big hodgepodge (although you can if you wish!)

One category exists in every Pads X document. This category is named "Notes" and cannot be deleted or renamed. You can create additional categories via the "New Category..." command in the Do menu.

The current category is displayed at the bottom of the Pads window. Next to the category label is a pop-up menu for switching categories. Each category acts like a separate note pad with its own set of pages.

Here is a subtle point: a page can belong to more than one category. When viewing a page in any category, you can choose "Add Page To Category..." from the Do menu to make the page a member of another category while remaining a member of the current category. The page is not copied — there is still one page, but it belongs to two categories. Any changes made to the page while in one category will be seen when viewing the page in the other category.

If you wish to move the page to another category (making it a member of another category while removing it from the current category) then choose "Move Page To Category..." from the Pads menu.

The ability to make a page a member of more than one category gives you an extra degree of versatility. You can make temporary categories for current projects and add pages from more permanent categories in order to make small working groups of notes from your larger body of notes.

If you remove a page from a category and it does not belong to any other category, it is still in your Pads X document even though it is not available in any category. It can still be seen by selecting "All Pages" from the Category pop-up menu. "All Pages" is a psuedo-category that lists all pages in the document. If you want to completely delete a page from the document, you need to use the "Delete Page" command from the Do menu.

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