Pads X

Pads X

The Best Way To Keep Notes On Your Macintosh

Version History

Latest News!

Pads X 2.0.1 is now available. This is a free upgrade for existing owners of Pads X. Read about it in the release notes or go to the download page to get your copy!

Pads X gives you the ability to organize your notes and use them more effectively.

A short list of Pads X features follows. See the overview for a detailed description of Pads X.

  • Keeps text notes with formatting (multiple fonts, sizes, styles).
  • Notes can be categorized. A single page can belong to multiple categories.
  • Also saves images.
  • "Stickies" type tear-off pages can be created. Tear-off pages are saved with the Pads X file.
  • Several shortcuts for creating a new note:
    • Note from clipboard in one click
    • Drag text or images to new page icon
    • Create page from selected text via Services menu
  • Notes can be exported to text or RTF files.
  • Customizable toolbar.
  • Menu of page titles for quick access to notes. Menu for current category is also available in the Dock.
  • Pads X document can be password protected. Protection may be applied to entire document or to individual selected pages.
Pads X Screenshot

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